We have made some movie files.  We have kept the resolution low to avoid massive filesize. 

Even so some of them are quite large and may take a while to download if you use a 56k modem. 

Try the smallest first and we think you'll then want to download the bigger ones. There's a page for each of the three most popular players.  Click on the logo of the player you intend to use:

Movies for  Windows Media Player 

Movies for  Apple Quicktime 

Movies for  RealPlayer 

If you have a 56K modem then the smallest movie file will take 2 or 3 mins to download- the largest about 15mins!

If you'd like to see even higher quality versions and/or  you'd like to see high quality normal speed versions and/or any other questions click here to email us


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If you do not have a player and/or you want to download another then click on the links below: